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My name is Jorge Ascencio

I studied photography in Paris, France

I decided to study in Europe because of their elegance in taking modeling pictures

I live in Mexico

The minimum wage per year of France is $22,237 US dollars, of the United States is $15,080 USD and of Mexico is $1,454 USD

The economic earning difference made this a very challenging goal

In the United States a janitor makes about the same amount of money as an engineer in Mexico

I come from a middle class family

So I had to work very hard and save every penny to accomplish my dream of studying in Europe

No one in my family had ever done this before

I Love Napoleon Hill and
His Book "Think and Grow Rich"

In his book, Napoleon Hill states that only 2% of the people know what they want from life

And that anything you desire you can have it.... as long as you are willing to pay the price

Is it any wonder why only 2% of the world population do well, while the remaining 98% live in want?

I know what I want

I was born to create art

That is the major definite purpose I chose for my life

There is nothing more wonderful, divine, and breath-taking than taking pictures of a girl you find very cute

No Man Should Ever Die
Without Photographing A Women
He Finds Very Attractive,
It Is The Best Feeling Of The World!

My mission in life is to encourage you to live this experience

My purpose in life is to give you confidence to take photos of the girls of your life

Maybe she is your girl friend, or a female friend, or a girl who has never modeled before and wants to give it a try

By the way, women love photographers because they make them look beautiful

Who can blame her? You will make her look lovely

I Treat Her With Dignity and Respect

When I started photography I got depressed

The 99% of "modeling sites" is about degrading, embarrasing and making a fool of the girl modeling

My work respects her, she is dignified, while it is still a pleasure to look at her pictures

I want you to do the same

When taking her pictures, ask yourself this question the whole time:

"If she were close to me, how would I like her to be seen by the world?"

Remember, she accepted to pose for you

You have already gained the most precious gift. Her trust.

She is vulnerable to you now

Don't make her regret it

Don't be like the asshole boyfriend who shares intimate pictures after they break up

Don't turn something lovely into a nightmare for her

That is why I teach you to NEVER take pictures that would embarrass her if they were seen by her family

Only take tasteful pictures where she looks cute

I Do NOT Want You To Hire Professional
Models To Practice Photography

I believe the best experience is to photograph a girl who has never modeled before

My worst photo sessions have been the ones I have done with professional models. Creativity is gone with them

Girls who have never modeled before are more interesting and fun because everything is fresh and new to her

By watching my videos of a real photo session, you learn and gain confidence to try it with one of the women in your life

In my videos you will see me photographing the girls, and you will learn by watching

I include ONLY the video (NOT the photos) of the real modeling session


Thanks To You
I Am Doing This

If the internet didn't exist, I would NOT be able to do this

I thank you for supporting me, I thank you all my international fans

I am very grateful

Wish you the best in this adventure


Your Friend,
Jorge Ascencio


This Is A Little Video I Made
While In My Dream Trip To Europe,
I Speak In Spanish (Sorry!!)

More Stuff About Me

I applied for scholarship, and graduated from the best private college of Mexico, ITESM Campus Monterrey

I never flunked any course (thank God!)

I used to teach photography courses, I taught to more than 1000 students, I am the owner of Estudio Monterrey

Now I only teach online, it became very repetitive and boring for me to keep teaching photography

As they say: Those who can't DO, teach.... and I'm very capable at creating beautiful boudoir photo shoots

I love to meditate

I have reached one of my best meditations alone in the woods


I Volunteer In Retirement Homes
For The Elderly

I have gone through periods of deep loneliness in my life

So I feel very emphatic with old people, sometimes they are abandoned by their families and get very depressed feeling no one cares

I like to listen to them and make them company when I have some free time

(she is Doņa Toņita, in a retirement home here in my hometown Monterrey, Mexico)


(she is Doņa Maria Luisa, in a retirement home here in my hometown Monterrey, Mexico)


I Also Volunteer To Educate For Free The Children
Who Live In The Poorest Areas Of Mexico

Here I worked as President of this Social Project


I Also Support and Participate in Groups
That Bring Food to the Poorest People of Mexico

Here I am with my support group, very tired, after working 14 hours non-stop!


Here I am in my Birthday Party!



I Am A Book Addict,
I Am Always Reading

I hate to waste my time

So I always bring a book with me so "time is not wasted"

I just recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab3, so I load my Kindle books, pdf and epubs

I have more than 300 books!

My favorite authors are:
Napoleon Hill,
Neville Goddard,
Felix Dennis,
Joseph Murphy,
Robert Ringer,
Earl Nightingale


"Not All Readers Are Leaders,
But All Leaders Are Readers"
- Harry S. Truman


This is my best friend, my german sheepard, her name is Abby

Abby when she was a puppy:


I Was A Big Fat Pig!

I Lost 52 Pounds In 6 Months!

I lost weight by counting calories, The Hacker Diet made me do it!


I Have Never Drank Alcohol

My grandfather was an alcoholic, I didn't know him because alcohol killed him long before I was born

My dad was an alcoholic and caused us a lot of pain

So I had this thought:

If alcohol has the power to turn a good person into something terrible, why take the chance?

These experiences have saved me from making big mistakes in my life

I Don't Like Smoking


My Favourite Place: The Mountains

I find a lot of peace alone in the mountains

I have time to reflect on my life, and plan the way I want it to go


Who Is The Person I Admire The Most?

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

He is the only mexican politician who is NOT corrupt

He has brought honesty, values and principles to the public life of Mexico



These Are Some Photos of Me In Spain, France,
Switzerland, Monaco, The Vatican, Italy, Etc






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