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My name is Jorge Ascencio

I live in Mexico, and let me share my story with you

My obsession was to study photography in France

If you are not aware, Mexico currency is worth nothing, so to buy $1 dollar you need to work a lot

The ANNUAL minimum wage of a Mexican is $1,560 US Dollars,
the ANNUAL minimum wage of an American is $15,080 US Dollars,
and the ANNUAL minimum wage of a French is $23,205 US Dollars

If you hear americans complaining about "how expensive everything is, and how hard life is", well, mexicans have it 10 times harder

Besides the fact that everything costs us 10 times more because of our currency exchange, we also have a lot of other social problems

For example, if a laptop is $400 dollars, an american earning $10 dollars an hour, only has to work 5 days to buy it

But a mexican has to work 50 days to buy it

Right now, in Mexico a Starbucks barista or cashier, earns $294 dollars a month, working 8 hours a day, 6 times a week

My point is that my dream of studying in France seemed impossible because you have to earn a lot of pesos to buy $1 dollar or euro

Anyway, I worked a lot and I saved enough money to make my dream come true

I studied boudoir photography in France

Boudoir photography is the most classy, elegant and intimate style of photography in the world

And if the french are known for something, it is because of their sophistication and elegance, so I wanted to study in France and not in the United States

I love the United States, but if you are objective, you can see that 99% of american modeling sites are crude, cheap and they humiliate and demean their models

That is why I went to France, because I wanted to learn a more refined and subtle style of photography, still sensual and intimate, but respecting the model

After studying in France, I came back to Mexico and found a lot of opposition

A lot of people hate me in Mexico, they say what I do is immoral and that I am corrupting good girls

Mexico is a very conservative country, so the parents of girls don't want their daughters modeling for me

After being harassed, I had to redefine my strategy

I stopped being so public about what I do

Society forced me to protect my work by being discreet

I became obsessed about who I share my work with

Secrecy is one of the requirements I demand from my fans

What I create is so intimate and magical that it needs discretion

My work resembles a lot what happens during your honeymoon

What you and she do together is very special and it needs to remain private

If that act became public, it would lose its magic and meaning

My work is like that, she shows a very intimate side of her, that only a few are priviliged to admire

Thanks for your understanding,
Jorge Ascencio

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